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mak-portrate-1Humans contain some qualities from God not all but some, every human has a grip on a different quality of God, it’s creator, not in perfection but up-to some extent good than better and more better. Creativity is also one of the quality of God as he who created every single thing. It links to me also when it comes to my ability of doing art on canvas with colors. I feel pleasure and satisfied doing painting and creating on canvas with my own imaginative images, motives, scenes etc, with the colors of my choice. I can be obnoxious for my viewers that is why I named my internet website: . I myself is hard on my choice and do things the way I want to. Same with art, I love to do what I want to. I was born on 1st January 1976, in Karachi, Pakistan, in a little better than a very poor family. My name is “Makhdoom Sadiq Khan” and I use signature on my painting as “MAK with the YEAR”, this signature kept on changing from the beginning and now it is like that. I have lived my life with creative people like my mom and my father, always making changes in life and doing something new.

One of my maternal uncle and my aunts on maternal side and my father too, injected these germs of art, exploration of own-self and painting in me but they never knew it is happening. Since then hard to avoid it from my life. I like to do URDU poetry also and when it falls on me I prefer to write it otherwise here it comes and there it goes away. I am bad in my memory may be because of too many things going on in my life. I have seen good and bad patches of life since childhood. I have closely seen people changing and being in different colors by the value of time.  It has all reflected on my mind and soul and when it is about my art of painting and poetry.

I myself is unpredictable, unbelievably emotional and full of anger at times and sometimes unreasonably soft and innocent. In one minute cannot tolerate someone and the very next minute cannot stop missing the same person. I hate when people take me for granted due to my innocence and think that perhaps I remained unable to catch their intentions.

I like my art work some people don’t and few people appreciate me, I don’t count the appreciation from my family about my art as some times they just do it because I am a blood relation to them. I like my distorted sketches, unfirmed drawing, wrong drawing, wrong sense and wrong colors, wrong brush work and wrong knife work too. I guess I did my first painting that was a color composition in water color somewhere in June 1986 and after that I kept on doing it and some I kept as record and some I have lost. I did first abstract painting from the series of Living and the Unseen, in 1997. I love this painting of mine. However, some people really appreciated my work of art but I am continuing it just because of my own passion for it, though because of my other professional life I hardly get time for art.

Some of my paintings take too much time to complete because this is not the only business of my life and my major part of professional life that is the field of textiles and apparels keeps me busy. For me art and painting is the name of our part self from our soul and physics. When It comes out and displayed on the canvas it satisfies our mind and skills and take us to completion for that very moment. And then you start discovering yourself again. It is a never ending process of creativity. I love to draw and paint imaginative, creative and abstract art containing non-understandable and indescribable features and motives and unusual scenes. Maybe because I am self-thought and taught. I love to paint unseen circumstances, dimensions or views from others not from us. Sometimes mind reflections and sometimes someone else looking at things which are seen not the way we do see it. For me there are paths and motives and things around us which are unseen and we are living with them. We don’t think about them and if we do so we mostly ignore but the fact of the matter is that they are there and sometimes we become a close part of their lives but we don’t know that. There is more to it, when I keep looking at my paintings. I don’t take all this as horror or something to afraid of but it is something that I am thinking about and trying to convey but also don’t know why…………Sometimes symbols add to my meanings and entrances to other worlds and dimensions……………

I try to create new motives in my paintings, use mainly oil paints, sometimes acrylic too. I love thick strokes though sometimes they deviate me from my object but I love every bit of my change when painting. I like my uneven outlines, distorted outlines, unnatural faces, mostly sad ambience of the painting. However, I love to do a colorful painting too, I love colors. I traveled to Europe and got a chance to visit art galleries in Hamburg, Paris, Zurich, Madrid, Barcelona etc. Art always admires me, always. I am inspired by Vincent Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Shakir Ali, Jameel Naqsh,Wassily Kandinsky, Anwer Maqsood, Leonardo Da Vinci, Rembrandt, Edgar Degas, Édouard Manet, Claude Monet and many others…..for some I don’t want to mention the names.

I am confident I am exploring colors, motives, scene, and my own ways of doing a painting and it is coming out gradually….  I love woman as God’s most beautiful creation and I hate the misuse of woman and men’s cruelty on her. I love music and I cannot live without it. I love dancing when I am happy and I enjoy with my family. Sometimes I become sad too and too much up to crying in loneliness and some times in the middle of everyone my eyes start over flowing. Especially cannot watch a tragic movie or drama without crying.  I became diabetic in 2008 or I came to know about it then. Blood pressure and cholesterol is also one thing to handle by me. Studying different things further in life is also one of my objects. I am sure I have complicated my life too much. I love to travel, explore new places, do picnics, eat out good, watch good movies, visit historical places and my next wishes to travel Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain, Mauritius, Hawaii, Jamaica, Mexico, Alaska, west Virginia, Africa, Scandinavia, Singapore, Indonesia etc

My religious spirituality and faith is increasing and I realize and believe that in tough times or good times no one except Allah is there to help us and everything happens according to the fortune written by the Almighty Allah. He wants us to be patient at times, He examines us too, award us too, forgive us too and punish us too. But we are always to keep good hope from the Allah as He is the most merciful. On the other hand, I love to be a stylish person and spends a lot when have some extras………….I want a change here in myself. However, I am a hard to change person. I don’t want to sell my paintings as an ambition of my life but I wish if people can ask me to buy realizing my work has that worth, or if someone just ask me what I did in there in the canvas has more meaning to me rather than selling a painting and if not one day my spirit wants to fly high in skies without thinking of what I did back there……………sold to anyone or not…………..impressed anyone or not…………….. don’t really care. Just doing what I want to!

My prayers to the Almighty Allah for the well-being of all humanity! Thanks if you have really read all above.

Makhdoom Sadiq Khan (You can simply call me MAK also)

The obnoxious artist.

Makhdoom Sadiq Khan
31st May 2016


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